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V12 Business center - Lviv, 226, Kylparkivska str. (opposite to Victoria Gardens shopping mall)
GBA 15 175 m²
GLA 8 553 m²
281 Parking space (81 underground / 200 ground)
Grid of columns 8х8 m² (openspace)
Ceiling height 3.3 m

Power is stylish Every "today" the world is changing. And the power is to change two steps faster. Not to be in trend but to dictate the trend. That is why we have equipped the powerful mechanism of the V12 internal infrastructure, thought out to the smallest detail, with a stylish shell. The ventilated facade looks like laconic lines that hang over the panoramic glazing.

The color scheme of the building does not betray the classic and therefore sticsk to  the winning combination of white and black porcelain stoneware. The austere tones are well complemented by soft light designs and decorative metal sheet construction on the main facade. This is courtesy steel. Material that gradually changes its appearance every day, depending on weather conditions. It is reminiscent of the basic thesis: every "today" the world is changing. But with the V12 you will always be two steps ahead.

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