Class A Business Center V12

V12 Business center - Lviv, 226, Kylparkivska str. (opposite to Victoria Gardens shopping mall)
GBA 15 175 m²
GLA 8 553 m²
281 Parking space (81 underground / 200 ground)
Grid of columns 8х8 m² (openspace)
Ceiling height 3.3 m

The Class “A” V12 Business Center is about the technology that plays for your team. We have created 8,553 m² of comfortable open space, which provided all the technical amenities. Powerful ventilation system, reliable fire-fighting equipment, sophisticated security and video surveillance. The business center will also have high-speed elevators and underground and ground parking lots for 81 and 200 parking spaces, respectively. The first floor of the building will be the BMW car dealership.

The exterior decoration of the building fits the interior filling. The facades with porcelain tiles and courtesan steel frame the quality panoramic glazing of various types.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Powerful automatic ventilation system with energy efficient recuperations will provide the four times air exchange of office space. The VRV Freon-based climate control system will allow maintaining the exact temperature independently for each individual room or a part of it. All systems are designed for low noise operation. If necessary, you can install a humidification system.

Energy supply

Two independent power sources for the building and an autonomous diesel generator power supply, guarantee the uninterrupted functioning of the power system of the business center.

Telecommunication systems

Several Internet and telephony providers have been established in the business center. An internal fiber network will allow you to run your business at high speed.

Security systems

Safety is above all - control of access to premises, protection of the territory, video surveillance of public places and surrounding areas, fire extinguishing system, smoke system, fire alarm.


The 3 high-speed elevators with access control and a stop in the underground parking.

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