Drive with V12!

V12 Business center - Lviv, 226, Kylparkivska str. (opposite to Victoria Gardens shopping mall)
GBA 15 175 m²
GLA 8 553 m²
281 Parking space (81 underground / 200 ground)
Grid of columns 8х8 m² (openspace)
Ceiling height 3.3 m

You push the pedal, a stylish neon arrow on the speedometer dial quickly crossed the hundred and does not stop there, and the engine sounds clean. So, forcing you to turn off the music in the salon to enjoy this technological solo. All this adrenaline-fueled idyll, as if written off the advertisement of the new BMW, is only possible thanks to a reliable engine. An engine that can be counted on. Which is not a problem to go to the oncoming lane with.

Such a powerful and well-coordinated mechanism you can have not only under the hood, but also in your own business, if your office is on Kulparkivska St, 226. This is the location of the new Class “A” business center that will become the engine of your business. It will set the rhythm and provoke daily movement towards self-improvement. After all, every quality engine is sharpened only by one thing - to reach the goal. Whatever it is.


The business center has 81 underground parking spaces, 30 of which will be equipped with the 22 kW Keba KeContact chargers for electric vehicles. Fast DC charger for electric vehicles. Outside, besides the guest parking lots, there is an outdoor parking lot for 200 cars near the building.

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